Commission and license pricing is subject several factors including private or commercial use and complexity. Commercial works require a written contract and additional terms and conditions may be applicable.

Requests for pornography or other objectionable material are subject to intense scrutiny and will likely not be accepted.

It is the clients responsibility to be clear and provide complete, detailed descriptions and instructions.

Artist Expertise:

  • Video Editing
  • Photo-manipulation
  • 2D Animation (Paper/Flash)
  • Graphic Design, Illustration, Layout Design and Storyboards

Standard Deliverables:

High Resolution (300 DPI+), CMYK Mode (Color) in JPG, PNG or Flattened PSD via Electronic Delivery

-Additional options are available upon request.

Payment (Non-Commercial):

50% Prior to Development (Non-Refundable), 50% Post Development

Revisions and work-in-progress images are delivered in low resolution and watermarked. High resolution images will not be released until full payment is received.

$15 Clean and detailed on card-stock with enamel spray to prevent smudging.
$5 Digital sketches.
$25 Detailed calligraphy dip pen and/or micros on card-stock. If gray marker shading is desired, ask. If not, gray shading or cross hatch may be applied at my discretion.
$5 50x50px to 150x150px
$10-15 Includes animation, varies with complexity.
$25 Includes several sketches of front and back being nude or clothed, 3-5 emotion heads and accessories. Specify details such as a 3/4th view and paw/hand prints.
$50 Includes full color version.
$20 Includes full color. Specify digital or traditional. Traditional is likely to get iridescent and metallic colors. Digital is always printed professionally on photo paper and has a glossy finish. Sizes are 3×4 and 4×5 inches.
$40 Includes double badges that are a set and/or conjoin to each other. These will be laminated and reconfigured.
$20 Cards can be commissioned or traded. Trades are reserved at my discretion and are not guaranteed. These will always be done traditionally, colored and medium is done at random (Marker, Acrylic, Watercolor, color pencil, etc.)
$50+ Digital paintings are most likely to be negotiated depending on what the illustration is and the amount of detail involved.
$70+ Animated Stills are digital illustrations that have a looped animation within them. The backgrounds are detailed with characters that are flat colored with a cell shade style interacting with the animated elements.